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steel cord conveyor
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  • High tensile strength: The belts are suitable for large span, long distance transportation of materials. 
  • Low elongation in use: The belts only need a very short take-up stroke distance.
  • Small diameter of drive pulley: The belt body has a layer of longitudinally arranged steel cords as its skeleton, and thus is resistant to flex fatigue. Therefore, drive pulley of smaller diameter can be used to make equipment smaller.
  • Superior adhesion: Due to the excellent penetration of rubber between the individual cord  filaments.
  • Even tension of steel cords: Out of our advance techniques in manufacturing, the steel cords are evenly arranged and carry equal tension during the manufacturing process.
  • Good trough-ability: As the belts body has no transverse reinforcement, it is easy to form a deep trough, so the belts can load more materials and prevent the materials from escaping. 

Karet Conveyor

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